Rent a Website

Rent a Website OffersWhat if…..Rent a Website

You could have a new website, that from day one was listed on the first page of Google.

You do know how much that is worth , don’t you?

Rent a Website OffersWhat if…..

This new website cost you nothing if it slipped from page one of Google?

Rent a Website OffersWhat if…..

You didn’t pay a penny for the design of this website?

Rent a Website OffersWhat if…..

Even if you already had a website but could use this new website to drive extra customers to the old one

Not possible, right?


We have spent the last six months researching, developing, testing and fine tuning our new service. We are pleased to announce our new service:

  • Rent a website or
  • hire a website or
  • website rental or
  • website leasing

Whatever you want to call it, this is it…..

Rent a Website
Service Normal Website Our Monthly Website Rental Service
Initial Web Design/set up fees £800-£2500 £250 *
Domain & Hosting £20 -£30 per month Free
Search Engine Optimisation Additional ongoing costs. Huge range from £200 – £20,000+ Guaranteed 1st page on Google local listing or you pay nothing**
Minimum Contract Period 1 years hosting None
Online advertising, e.g. Google adwords Unlimited average around £500 p/m unneccessary
Lease/rental payment Not applicable £95 per month
Cancellation You may have to pay to get the domain transferred Cancel whenever you want without cost

Page one or nothing

If your existing website isn’t on page one of Google for your key phrase then you are missing a ton of traffic – substitute the phrase traffic for customers

Our Risk

As you can see from the above table, all the risk is with us. If we don’t perform you don’t pay. If you are not happy you can cancel. In other words we have to deliver.

* As an introductory offer, from now until the end of 2010 we are waiving the £250 set up fee. Complete the form below and take advantage of the £250 saving

** You only pay while you are on page one. If it slips to page two you get the next month free and you don’t start paying again until we get you back to page one.

Contact us now to find out if we can rent you a website before your competitors do.

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We reserve the right to refuse certain businesses and business models. It takes serious effort, skill and expertise to get a site onto page one of Google. In the unlikely event that you are in a very competitive field and your key phrases are also very competitive the amount of work required by us to get you to page one just might not be worthwhile.

We will only offer one website rental for your business type or category in each area. In other words if you are an auto electrician in Derby or if you sell mobility scooters in Derby or a Joiner in Nottingham then we will not rent a website to another Nottingham joiner etc.

Page one of Google is deemed as the first page of local search results for the chosen key phrase.

Prices shown do not include VAT