Don’t Waste Your Time With Social Media

How did you read the title of this post? Did you read it as saying that social media is a complete waste of time that you shouldn’t bother with; or did you read it as saying that you need to focus your efforts on certain areas and that outside of this area is a waste of your valuable time; or maybe you read it as hurry up get on the bandwagon quick before you miss out?

To labour the point, the well-known url: has the same problem, i.e. the two words can be broken before the letter ‘s’ or afterwards – giving totally different meanings.

The fact is that companies are using social media in a variety of ways, for example, 35% of employers in the U.S. use social media to promote their company. Researchers at Hewlett-Packard demonstrated that they can accurately predict a Hollywood movie’s box office success by counting how often it is mentioned on Twitter prior to release. An increasing number of companies are driving their recruitment through social media. I won’t bore you with other examples suffice to say the list goes on and on.

However, I remember when Pay Per Click (PPC) was first introduced. I came across many clients who were running ppc campaigns where the only thing that mattered (to them) was getting traffic to their websites. What they forgot or ignored was the word: quality. They were in such a blind rush to get as many click-throughs as possible that they forget the point of the exercise – sales!

Granted sales might not be the immediate goal as you might be building trust, loyalty, brand awareness, buzz, whatever. But you can sure bet the end goal is to make sales.

I am seeing the same spitting competition happening with social media right now – “How many followers do you have?”.  I am seeing many public sector clients setting up large social media campaigns but all they do is copy and paste every single press release into Facebook and link to it from Twitter.

Don’t lose sight of the reasons you use social media otherwise you will be wasting your time


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  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing, which seeks to achieve branding and marketing communication goals through the participation in various social media networks like You Tube, My Space, and Face book, social web application like dig, delicious, reddit, Wiki. The goal of each SMM program varies from business to business, but mainly involves building of brand awareness, increasing visibility and through this, sells a product or service.

    Social Media Marketing is becoming an essential marketing tool for connecting with customers and optimizing online presence. Social Media describes the tools and platforms, people use to publish, converse and share content online. Video, pod cast, blogs, discussion boards and social networking sites are all tools, online businessmen can use to build relationship with their customers and keep them on websites longer. Social media provides more opportunities for organizations to present optimized content that can be indexed by search engines and ultimately improves site rating.

    To implement some of the social media elements, it is first important to evaluate your customers to create an effective strategy. If your consumers are professionals who commute, then pod cast can be downloaded and can be very effective.

    Posting video content on YouTube is a unique opportunity to improve your position in Google universal search results. WithYouTube, customers can visit the site, view your video and easily post to their own blogs, social networking profiles or websites. YouTube is a great way to reach a broader viewer and generate buzz around new products, especially if your product has a visual appeal. Building healthy relationship with the customer, that last is an on-going process for a businessperson. Social media takes this a step further by making that relationship personal through blogs. It tells about you, not only about your product or service.

    A blog, which includes video, pictures and text, can build interest and loyalty among customers and a new way to search engine optimization. Create a page dedicated to community with website visitors and this will be interactive.

    Social media encourages social visits to your site. Keep adding content to encourage customers to return regularly. With the advent of social media, consumers have become contributors, contributing to brand messaging. SMM is related to other online tactics such as SEO, SMO. It has a more active planned role in directing, influencing and suggesting the community members.

  2. Great title for the post. It definitely got my attention. You bring up an interesting point about how the words in a title or domain name can be read differently depending on how you see it. I liked the stats about movies using social media as a measuring stick for success at the box office. Very interesting info which I had not before. Keep up the great work!

  3. Great catchy title to your blog post! Yes, it is crazy to think that social media is getting sucked into the corporate machines, and we do not really need the attention from the corporate belly. I think that the truth of providing a great product and research platform will always be gold, no matter what the driving force is to get there. If you do not have a story to tell, and it isn’t one that matters to move us forward, there is no point to any of the social magnets. It is important to really make a difference with quality and kindness. And, simply answering the question of why we are pulling research together will be the key to ensuring we are doing the right thing for our readers.

  4. Extremely interesting post thank you for writing it I have added your website to my bookmarks and will check back :) By the way this is off subject but I really like your blogs layout.

  5. Sure this was a decent article. I really checked it out and see where the author is coming from in this case. I just sort of look at it as what else is this gonna be of use to other people in the grand scheme of issues. The only thing I’m thinking in my head is how significantly time I just spent on this content – but I liked it so I think you should watch it. I figure though the greatest way to see what’s up would be to do a little investigative operate myself. Sometimes I can be very unsure so that’s why I ask. Also this seems like it may seem true if you do work at it for a while. I found it rather a unique and fascinating concept, again though, I’m not truly certain how others will respond to this. That is just me becoming a cynic/doubtful individual sometimes I suppose. Sorry it’s the way I was raised, but it isn’t to say that this concept does not have merit. So read my ramblings with heed. Think for your self: ) I suppose I dunno.

  6. So often social media is a waste of time for many home based businesses. We need to view social media not so much as social media networking and more as social media marketing. Not that this means going onto social sites with a sell, sell, sell approach. We need to view it is a source of opportunities through relationship building. For my home blogging business, I use social media marketing activities as an opportunity to build relationships, authority, and to drive traffic to my blogs. As people become familiar with my blog, they become regular readers. As regular readers, we have a relationship which turns these regular readers into buying customers.

    1. Hi Jon,

      In this way it is the same as traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses, i.e. it’s all about trust. Building trust with potential clients.

  7. Hey – wonderful blog, just looking around some personal blogs, seems a pretty awesome platform you are using. I’m currently using Drupal for a few of my sites but looking to modify one of them over to a platform related to yours as a trial run. Anything in particular you would recommend about it? Best wishes, Audra.

  8. Steve, I can appreciate what point you are making, but isn’t having some social internet marketing is better than none at all?

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