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12 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Website Management

The following list details the main benefits to organisations from outsourcing their website management and maintenance service.

  1. Cost savings — The overall business cost is less as the service payment is more focused. The service provider will only be working on the task at hand. The provider is therefore effectively paid by results.
  2. Focus — Resources are more focused. Outsourcing your website maintenance means that you are using specialised staff for each business function.
  3. Cost restructuring — Outsourcing changes your business costs by moving from fixed to variable costs and also by making the variable costs more predictable.
  4. Quality Improvement — By using a service level agreement you can guarantee that quality standards are continuously met.
  5. Knowledge and Skills — Wider Access to skills, experience and knowledge.
  6. Expertise — Access to the latest best practice that might not be possible to develop in-house due to time and cost restraints.
  7. Contract — Outsourced services, standards, quality and deliverables can be stipulated in a legally binding contract. This is not the case with internal services where your staff don’t or can’t deliver.
  8. Talent — Organisations may have their own web developers. By using outsourcing you will have access to a larger talent pool and a source of skills in areas such as web developers, web designers, graphic designers, programmers, seo experts, user interface designers and more.
  9. Change and scalability management — If your situation changes and you require different services and skill sets or the work levels change then the change is borne by the supplier.
  10. Innovation — Most companies have limited in-house capacity for design innovation. Website Management Services companies are better suited to offer page or section redesigns.
  11. Time — The time taken to get a new website implemented is accelerated. Data migration from an old website or intranet is often done by outsourcing.
  12. Technical advice – Is the technical advice given by internal staff free from bias? Often there are political pressures or even a silo culture developing within organisations. Suppliers are free from the office politics that can blight projects.