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Why choose stretch wrap for packaging online products

Stretch wrap is known in the industry by many different names. For instance it may be called stretch film, pallet wrap, pallet film etc. Generally they all provide the same end result which is to tightly wrap around the items you have chosen for packaging. The material itself is a highly stretchable plastic film that has a tremendous amount of elasticity. As stretch wrap has a far more elastic property then shrink wrap for example and binds items tightly the firmer it is applied.

It is ideal for business that wish to package large pallets of products or can be used to bundle smaller items together. It can even be well suited for items that cannot be folded or made smaller i.e. Rugs, fabric or wallpaper. There are many types on the market and supplied by leading stores depending on your requirements. You will often find bundling stretch film, hand stretch film, extended core stretch film, machine stretch film and static dissipative film available to choose from.

Benefits of choosing stretch wrapstretch-wrap

  • Help to reduce the damage of the items you sell online in transit by using stretch wrap to securely bind them.
  • It will provide added protection from the elements as well as any dust or moisture that could possible spoil your items.
  • Using opaque film means you can easily cover your products and make them less enticing to potential thieves. It also limits a person’s ability to tamper with anything inside.
  • It is highly cost effective for parcelling online items and transporting them when compared with traditional packaging materials.
  • It can easily be recycled so you are using an environmentally friendly and sustainable product.

Our thoughts

We think that stretch wrap has many important benefits for those who wish to package and send the items they sell online by courier or mail. It will certainly help you increase productivity and free up time and resources for other areas of your business. You can purchase stretch wrapping products online so why not visit They continue to provide an excellent online service and deliver throughout the UK. Located at 18.3B Amber Business Centre | Greenhill Lane | Riddings | Alfreton | Derby | DE55 4BR | 01773 606858 |