How to Help Your SEO Specialist – SB SEO Derby

While most companies feel safer to simply hand their websites and social media accounts over to their SEO specialist and never think about them, there are actually a couple of things you can do to galvanise their efforts and generate more enquiries for your company. Let’s run through what you can do to become your SEO specialist’s new BFF:

SB SEO Derby – Our Top Tips

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Always ask before going for a piggy back. That’s Rule #1.

1. Discuss Your Keywords

This is probably the most important thing we can recommend to you; communication over keywords. This doesn’t mean dictating keywords to your SEO specialist – who will be able to tell you which variant of your keyword will get the most traffic – or allowing your SEO specialist to dictate keywords to you, as ranking for a keyword related to a service you don’t provide won’t make you any money. A quick meeting between yourselves should be all you need to establish which keywords will work best for you.

2. Read Your SEO Reports

Customers who get your number from your website won’t always tell you that that’s where they got your number from. Because of this it’s easy to assume that your website isn’t gathering business or returning your investment, when in actual fact it is. By reading the monthly reports of work done that any reliable SEO specialist will give you, you’ll be reassured that they’re not just taking your money. Cancelling an SEO contract because you can’t see the results obviously could mean an entire traffic source drives up – leaving you with less business and an SEO firm unwilling to re-kindle a healthy working relationship.

3. Ask for Non-SEO Related Services

Your SEO Specialist provides a valuable service, but not IT support. If you’re having problems with your email, speak to your web host – if your site’s design isn’t right, speak to your web designer. Insisting your SEO specialist does non-SEO related work will eat into the time he or she can spend on your SEO – again, souring the relationship.